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TML’s Cytopathology department is the most progressive in the region. TML uses the FDA-approved CYTYC Imager system, the first Imaging-Directed Cytology system of its kind. It combines revolutionary screening technology with human interpretive expertise to provide increased screening productivity but most important of all -- improved diagnostic performance. TML was the first laboratory in the State of Oklahoma to bring this new and exciting system into routine Cytopathology practice. Click here for more information. The TML Molecular Department is now fully automated. In June 2012 TML acquired the Hologic Cervista HTA system. The HTA (High Throughput Automation) system is FDA approved and automates the DNA extraction and detection steps of the Hologic Cervista HR HPV test. The HTA provides higher throughput, improved chain of custody, and accurate results.

In September of 2012, TML acquired the Hologic Gen-Probe Panther. The Panther is a fully-automated, random access sampling instrument which is FDA approved to perform Aptima CT/NG testing, Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhea Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAATS). A single one milliliter aliquot from a patient's Thin Prep Pap Test vial can be tested for up to three different assays simultaneously on the Panther.FDA approval is currently pending for the Aptima HPV test. A genotyping assay for HPV 16,18,45 and HSV-1 and HSV-2 assays are currently in development.

All molecular testing is performed by our highly qualified Cytotechnologists, many of whom hold advanced certifications in the Specialty field of Cytotechnology and International Academy of Cytology certifications.
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