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TML has an association with the Saint Francis Hospital Outreach Laboratory to provide comprehensive clinical laboratory services. SFH Outreach Laboratory can perform over 1000 different clinical procedures with less than 1% referred to an outside reference laboratory.

Whether it is routine testing from the general Chemistry, Microbiology, and Hematology departments or something more esoteric from the Immunology, Flow Cytometry, Special Coagulation, or Genetics departments, SFH Outreach Laboratory can meet all of your clinical laboratory needs at a competitive price.
TML recently implemented a new version of a state-of-the-art laboratory information system. We use Sunquest Copath laboratory software. It offers some valuable new services to our clients. With this software, we will have the ability to print color photographs on our laboratory reports. Clients can also access their laboratory reports through the internet. This requires no special software. Clients only need a web-browser and access to the internet.

In addition to the web access, we can also establish a bi-directional interface between our computer systems. An interface provides an even more efficient exchange of information than the web access.
Some of the specific services that Tulsa Medical Laboratories could provide to your hospital or clinic:

1. Onsite pathology visits.

2. Courier service with daily pickup of specimens.

3. Oral and written reports in a manner acceptable to your facility.

4. Perform autopsies which are deemed necessary by your hospital with appropriate authorization.

5. Assist and participate in utilization review, quality assurance and other functions required by your review committees, state licensure bodies, JCAHO and other governmental regulatory bodies.

6. Provide in-service training for your facility’s personnel and medical staff.

7.   Assist with and participate in marketing and implementation of long range planning and strategic planning by your facility.

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