Forms & Protocols

General Forms

  Medical Records Release Form

  Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN)

Requisition & Order Forms

  Combination Requisition Form
Note: This form covers the following requisition requests: Histology (general tissue processing), Dermatopathology (skin pathology), Cytopathology (pap smear/body fluid/aspirates).

  Tissue / Bone Marrow Requisition Form

  Cytology Requisition Form

  Dermatopathology Requisition Form (green)

  HPV Standing Order Form

  ThryaMIR Standing Order Form

  Urovysion Standing Order Form

Collection Manuals & Protocols

  Cytology Fixation and Collection Manual

  Molecular Sensitivity Specificity Testing Card

  Client AP Tissue Fixation & Handling Procedure

  Client AP Specimen Fixation Document

  Lubricant Use Letter from Hologic

  Protocol for Broom Like Device

  Protocol for Endocervical Brush and Spatula

  Protocol for Rovers Cervex Brush Combi Device

  ThinPrep Specimen Collection Training Bulletin

  ThinPrep Pap Test Lubricant Compatibility List

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