Reliable Lab Testing Results

Tulsa Medical Labs performs a variety of diagnostic services, including tissue, cytology, bone marrow examinations, clinical consultations, blood bank services, peripheral blood and other body fluid smear consultations, and frozen section evaluation.

Clinical Services

Tulsa Medical Laboratories offers a variety of services for hospitals and clinics:

  • Onsite pathology visits.
  • Courier service with daily pickup of specimens.
  • Oral and written reports in a manner acceptable to your facility.
  • Perform autopsies which are deemed necessary by your hospital with appropriate authorization.
  • Assist and participate in utilization review, quality assurance and other functions required by your review committees, state licensure bodies, JCAHO and other governmental regulatory bodies.
  • Provide in-service training for your facility’s personnel and medical staff.
  • Assist with and participate in marketing and implementation of long range planning and strategic planning by your facility.

Experienced Pathology Team

Our team of highly skilled pathologists have a combined 80 years of experience.

Our areas of specialization include Surgical Pathology, Cytopathology, Dermatopathology, Hematopathology, Pediatric Pathology, Placental and Perinatal Pathology, Head and Neck Pathology, and GI Pathology.

Meet Our Team

Advanced technology

We use the most advanced technology available for test processing and analysis. Our state-of-the-art equipment provides increased sensitivity and specificity as well as increased speed. So we can provide accurate test results faster.

Our Technology

State-of-the-Art Reporting System

TML utilizes state-of-the-art software for our laboratory information system, including Sunquest CopathPlus, Corepoint Health Integration Engine, and the Sunquest Physician Portal powered by Atlas.

With these products, TML can offer an interface between our laboratory information system and our clients’ computer systems. An interface provides an even more efficient exchange of information and can assist in meeting regulatory requirements many clients are challenged with today. Clients can also access their laboratory reports through the internet via our web-based portal. This requires no special software; clients only need a web browser and access to the internet.

Please contact Tanya Odle at (918)712-5571 extension 200 to inquire about interfacing or access to the physician portal.

TML/Atlas Informational PDF

Clinical Lab Services

TML is an anatomic pathology lab, but we partner with multiple regional clinical laboratories. We can also offer courier services for clinical lab specimens.