Gynecologic Cytology

Cytology Staff

Tulsa Medical Lab’s Cytopathology Department utilizes the Hologic ThinPrep┬« Imaging System to assist in primary cervical cancer screening of ThinPrep Pap Test slides.

Cytology Services

This system uses computer imaging technology to evaluate for the presence of atypical cells, and cervical neoplasia, including its precursor lesions (low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion, high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion), and cervical carcinoma.

Our gynecologic cytology screening process combines revolutionary computer-assisted screening technology with human interpretive expertise to provide increased screening productivity and improved diagnostic accuracy.

Non-gynecologic Cytology

Our Cytopathology Department also processes and evaluates body cavity fluids, fine needle aspirates from many different body sites, and endoscopic brushings/washings for the presence of malignancy and other pathologic conditions. We use a combination of traditional smears, ThinPrep cell deposition preparations, and cell blocks to perform thorough evaluation of all specimens.